10 Basic characteristics shared by all Entrepreneurs


Being an entrepreneur is more than just a job. Being an entrepreneur is an attitude, a way of life. In the current economic situation, there are many who recommend the bet on the venture to achieve a living,Research studies found some basic characteristics shared by all entrepreneurs.

Of course, it is not an easy road, requires much effort and daily work, but if it goes well, it can bring great benefits. And not just monetary. You can give a great freedom, afford not to have a boss beyond ourselves, among other advantages.

However, we must also take into account that there is a downside: the risks are greater, and uncertainty settles in our lives almost definitely. With these ingredients in the balance, in the end, the key is the person who is the focus of the project, as indicated in Mupibook.com;So before embarking on the adventure worth asking if we minded entrepreneur.

Does any of the following characteristics?


When we began our adventure, we must be clear about our commitment to it to get it right. Perseverance and determination are one of the characteristics that mark if a project comes to fruition or not. Commitment also to be able to focus on the project without distractions.


For an entrepreneur is basic initiative, be able to launch a business. All great entrepreneurs have highlighted, among other things, for his initiative. This is the case of Steve Jobs, who even finished his career but was able to launch his company.


The life of an entrepreneur will be marked by constant decision-making. Since one riding his company will constantly be solving problems, so you should be prepared for it.

Creativity and innovation

An entrepreneur must have good ideas that allow you to create products or services with which to trade. Not only about inventing things, but it is also possible to give new or different uses for existing products seeking differentiation. It is, therefore, important to try to constantly innovate, looking for new products that allow us to survive or grow.


The entrepreneur must be optimistic and trust himself. Being positive is essential to attract success and deal with the many problems that will be presented in your business.


One person alone will not succeed. It is essential to obtain the support of employees and peers, so it is essential to be able to enhance teamwork and choose the best people for our project. Also, we must be able to maintain harmony in our workforce.


To undertake must be clear that there is no absolute truth. You have to be able to listen to others to learn and improve: both customers and partners, rivals or experts.

Tolerance of failure

Our thinking must always be focused on getting the achievement, but be aware that failure is very present in the life of the entrepreneur. We try to learn from our mistakes, to make us better. “In the US consider that the first profitable business is achieved after two failures,” says the entrepreneur Oscar Sanchez.


No business of any kind without a preview. Entrepreneurs can see more than the rest, always keep in mind the business model.


Entrepreneurs are delivered to your project with total commitment to try to achieve the objectives. It is, therefore, essential to worship the activity undertaken, be passionate about it, or it is impossible to maintain the required delivery.

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