5 important Tasks that successful CEO should not delegate


Delegating the workload on the team is one of the skills that successful CEO must have if He wants to succeed and expand. Without this capability, the company will never reach beyond where the leader tentacles can reach.

 Have a good team and trust it is essential for companies. However, there are some 5 important tasks that successful  Ceo should not delegate.

The 5 important tasks that successful CEO should not delegate are :


  1. Vision

The vision of the company is the key to leadership. Deliver tasks, either someone on the team or an outside company is to provide leadership. It is positive to involve the team in creating the vision of the company, adding new views that can always be positive, but under the guidance of the CEO.


  1. Contracts

The leader is primarily responsible for his team, so should actively participate in the incorporation of new members.

The Human Resources department or other employees can contribute their candidates, and make the first selection, but the final decision should always be the leader.


  1. Layoffs

Also, the leader is the one who must assume layoffs. Some people bet to leave that responsibility to the HR department, but it is an attitude frowned upon by other workers, it shows lack of involvement and respect.


  1. Recognition

For the team is motivated must recognize the achievements and successes congratulate and thank the efforts and good work. It is the job of leader responsible for this to occur.


  1. Professional Development

A good leader must know the strengths and weaknesses of each member of your team, and make sure that everyone works to keep improving.


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Karla Marques

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