Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Have

social media marketing tools
Social media marketing

Social media marketing should-haves

Social media marketing is one of the marketing arms that every marketing professional should incorporate in their marketing plan.

Here are some of the tools that may aid you in ensuring your social media marketing is optimized.


This Social media management system helps you to stay updated on all your social network channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. It enables you to monitor what people are posting about your brand so that you have the option to respond instantly. The interface allows you to view streams from multiple networks and reply directly.

Over 20% of companies use Hootsuite to manage their social media campaigns. An awesome feature about Hootsuite is the ability for you to post one message and have it populate onto your other social media channels. Hootsuite also allows you to schedule your posts on a regular or fixed timing. This increases efficiency and decreases the need to set reminders. At the end of your campaign, you can also opt to receive a report that specifies the number of clicks, any retweets or re-posts. It can also provide insights to geographical information of the people clicking through.

2. Sprout Social

This system provides more detailed reports for social media accounts and shows social content and monitored keyword searches in one stream. It allows you to keep track on what is trending and posts that are related to keywords that are significant to you or your business. You can also schedule your content with a convenient publishing system and manage your social messages on the go via the mobile app. With Sprout Social, you can not only stay up to date and monitor your own social media account but your competitors as well.

3. Sprinklr

Sprinklr offers consulting services such as social media audience research, acquisition, content promotion and measurement tools. This is usually used by marketers and agencies in B2B and B2C markets. This platform would be a great way to collect data on the target market and understand what your target audience is concerned about. This is so that you can tailor your message according to their needs and curiosities.

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