7 steps to increase Salary for CEO in Singapore

increase salary for ceo in singapore
increase salary for ceo in singapore

7 steps to increase Salary for CEO in Singapore

Here I ll tell you the 7 steps to increase salary for CEO in Singapore.

Did you receive a decent increase last year? How about 28% without having to change employment without competing for a promotion or having to outperform your peers?

If you were a CEO of a company and in the last year your salary ‘only’ it received an increase of 28%, an apology, but half of your colleagues did better than you.In the fragile global economy right now, how a CEO in Singapore maintains a salary to rise in good times and bad? The short answer is that they have an army of support and a few distinctions.so how i can increase salary for CEO in Singapore?

Thus it is

Step one: Ignore the global markers to set the salary.

While making outsourcing contracts may be negatively affecting your pay check as ‘executive non-president’, or your ability to find a job, the salaries of CEOs in Singapore are growing, in part, by the failure of boards to compare the salary of these managers with their counterparts in other parts of the world.

For example, Singapore Airlines does not look at other global airline companies to set the salary of its CEO.

And the board of Wilmar International not compares the salary of its Chief Executive primarily with the remuneration package of CEOs at other US companies, and does not include the vendor number two in the world, Carrefour, number three, Metro AG, or the number four, Tesco among its leading companies.

Step Two: Convince your boss that the salary should not necessarily be based on your performance.

In fact, they can ignore the performance in setting a salary.Yes, we all would like to give us some money every time we hear that the salary of a CEO is based on the principles of the “pay for performance”; but research Fernandes and colleagues shows that Singaporean CEOs do not win the double (compared to their global counterparts) because they do a sensational job. Additional research supports the argument that the salaries of senior Singaporean executives have little to do with job performance.

So if you do not have much to do with performance, what is growing the pay of CEOs?

Step Three: Get capital.

Research shows that the CEOs salary is higher mainly because they provide high levels of equity compensation, including payment in the form of company shares and stock options.

But that is not all.

Step Four: to ensure that the comfortable life does not stop, make institutional shareholders “believe” that the investment they make in your salary is “benefits”.

When companies have Singaporean institutional owners, boards of directors are more likely to deliver high levels of equity compensation and as a result, total compensation, according to research. Institutional owners in Singapore have sought higher pay based on capital because they assume that offer salary incentives as shares and stock options increase performance and align pay with performance. But this has not been the case.

When internal people, and not institutions, own more shares in a company (as in the case of family businesses), “maintain the low salary,” says Fernandes. And there are “better discipline”. Insiders do a better job than external institutional owners to control CEOs he said.

Step Five: Make an independent committee determines your salary.

Regardless of the size of a company, the huge pay check of CEOs is associated with a board made up of more independent directors. But what is not counterintuitive know that having more independent directors would cause a higher salary? Perhaps on the surface, yes. But independent directors are more akin to the interests of institutional owners.

If Singapore institutional owners want a salary greater capital base, which makes Singaporean wages are higher than foreign, independent directors are more likely to say what they think they want the institutional owners. Directors “are protecting liability issues,” offering “a system based on equity higher salary,” says Fernandes.

Step Six: make sure your company is listed in the United States.

When foreign companies traded on US exchanges, the salary of the CEO of that company grows.

Step Seven: exploiting the regulation to increase your salary and your additional salary alleges that works for the benefit of shareholders. (Indeed you are doing ‘to’ them).

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