Letter Writing Day for Snail Mail

September 4, 2016 0

It’s letter writing Day on September 01, every year. There are fantastic ways of communication available in this digital era. There is nothing like getting a piece of snail mail from the people you know […]

World Best Airport: Singapore Changi Airport

August 1, 2016 0

Singapore Changi International Airport had been crowned the World Best Airport.  This airport had bagged this award for the fourth year in a row.  This is based on Skytrax survey of about 13.25 million travelers across 106 nationalities […]

World Best Airlines: Top 5 List For Business Travelers

August 1, 2016 0

Skytrax had announced its 2016 rankings for World Best Airlines. This is a yearly survey is based on 19.2 million travelers from 104 different countries, covering more than 280 airlines.  It measures 41 different parameters ranging from […]

Elevator Pitch: Talk in the Elevator Day

July 30, 2016 0

What is an Elevator pitch? – Is it talking about a business proposition in an elevator? Definitely not, elevator pitch is much more. It is a short summary of a business, ideally given within 30 seconds. […]

How to be a Senior Manager: 12 steps

July 7, 2016 0

Becoming a Senior manager does not happen overnight. A Senior manager rose through the ranks and reached the top thanks to a combination of hard work, perseverance plus features and qualities that make a business […]

Building Better Teamwork: 15 Unspoken Truth

July 6, 2016 0

Building Better Teamwork Building better teamwork requires great leadership and matching team personality. Both need the same mindset which determines their approach to communication, methods of operations, thought processes and individual behaviour. If you are a […]