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Digital Marketing Strategy

What to Consider When Planning Digital Marketing Strategy

What to Consider When Planning Digital Marketing Strategy

When you are planning a digital marketing strategy, there are some important factors to consider. Today digital marketing has become one of the most rapidly growing methods of advertising and lots of entrepreneurs are adopting this method to market their products. But, if you want to derive maximum benefits from it and to keep pace with its massive impact on consumers, you need to do more and incorporate offline promotions into the digital marketing zone. In this piece, we will examine those things you need to do to ensure that you get the most of the digital marketing.

Though digital marketing is still new concerning engagement between customers and brands; it, however, has the potential to reshape media application across various platforms. Studies have shown that even the most notable consumers continue to engage with digital media when they are watching the TV. This indicates that there are many benefits that digital marketing offers, and it is where potential customers can be easily located. However, to be successful, any product marketing strategy you have planned must incorporate with digital marketing from the outset.

Target audience

Before you make use of digital marketing method to draw potential customers and increase your sales, it is imperative to determine first how your potential customers use digital marketing to gather information about a product or service associated with your business. When you know your target audience well, it will help you to plan a strategy for digital marketing.

Your budget

As you plan your digital marketing strategy, it is good first to know the cost. It is an important factor to consider in any promotion. You would do well to consider inexpensive alternatives available to you including crafting your social media presence through blogging or making marketing videos. Other options like creating micro niche sites or using pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns usually call for a bigger budget. Thus, look at your budget very well before you jump right into digital marketing.

Amount of time

The time you have for digital marketing is vital as well. To plan and implement your strategies will take time. This is because marketing strategies need constant monitoring so that it may be possible to know what is working and what is not. You also need time to top-up your strategy. Spend more quality time on Keyword Research and Planning.

All the above are important factors that you should consider when planning a digital marketing strategy for your product or business.

Contributed by : Andrew Chow

Keyword Research and Planning

Keyword Research and Planning affects digital marketing strategy

Keyword Research and Planning affects digital marketing strategy

Keyword research and planningA�entails the mapping the list of keywords to the customer buying experience from Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. Keywords are the fundamental of online unique selling preposition. Keyword Research is about a systematic approach to words or phrases which you want to be associated with whatA�people search for something online. Keywords will always be broad and general in the beginning. They branch out to niche phrases and consequential long tail to serve the entire buyer persona a brand has formulated.

  1. Keyword research and planning forms the basic criteria for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Display Advertising. Keywords in Search Engine Optimization will become the adwords for Display Advertising or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on Google Display Network. Keywords form what is essential to your online exposure and adwords determine if you wish to compete directly with your strongest competitors or serve a niche no one else is focussing on.
  1. A comprehensive Content Marketing strategy can evovled from Keyword research and planning. The broad and general keywords which consist of no more than 3 words can become catgories of content you should be creating. The content format can also be in infograhics suitable to explain processes. Content in picture format is more suitable for motivation and visua impact. The long tail keywords can be topics for a series of blog posts.
  1. Keyword research and planning helps to anchor main points or concept in copywriting. Your advertising copy for direct mailing and print advertisement can resonate with more prospects. A�This can be done if the keywords used are adpated from meticulous research and planning. The right phrases used in the copywriting can trigger the right emotions leading to a purchase decision .
  1. Keyword research and planning can be adapted to create new hashtags. Keywords are great inspiration for popular hashtagging as long as they are memorable, concise and relevant to the brand essence. The popularity of these hashtags may not be proportional to the search volumes on Google. Hashtags on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Google Plus are in fact the new keywords in the social media sphere.
  1. Keyword research and planning gives life to your images for optimisation in the form of anchor texts. Image optimization is one of the most neglected areas in Search Engine Optimisation. There are at least 5 opportunities for any image to be optimised under the right keywords They are filename, alt text, description,title and caption. The first three are meant for search engine and the last two are meant for people.
  1. Keyword research and planning forms the basis for authentic social media conversation. The sales and customer service conversation can revolve around some key centralised ideas. This keep the interest level and desire to purchase high. The phrases which are designated to be the Unique Selling Preposition of the brand can be monitored easily using tools like
  1. Keyword research and planning enables corporate communciations professionals to craft press release and alert. Public Relations communication to the traditional media is generated in alignment to the key message of the brand online. Using the same phrases create perception of congruency and consistency. All online and offline press release will eventually affect or skew the way news are reported by the press.
  1. Keyword research and planning helps influencers to internalise your brand message and create amazing posts. Many influencer marketing program end up in disaster when the influencers are given very little information about the brand. Apart from the usual press release, influencers should be given a list of your keywords and hashtag. They will form part of the co-created content from the influencers and the social media follow-up actions subsequently.

Generating keywords from research and eventually planning how to use them in the right places is a major challenge to many digital marketers today. It requires both strategic mind thinking like a customer and linking them to the brand uniqueness. In Summary, Search Engine Optimisation is about matching the branda��s unqiue selling preposition to the Peoplea�� Universal Search Phases. Simply put, it is Information meet Intention is the key to success for digital marketing strategy.

Contributed by: Andrew Chow