The Good and Bad of Ecommerce

ECommerce Good & Bad
ECommerce Good & Bad

The Good and Bad

Lazada, Qoo10, Taobao, Zalora – these are some of the more popular and well-known Ecommerce sites that most Asians and Singaporeans use. All three sites provide very extensive range of products and choices for practically everyone. Anybody from technology fans to the stay-at-home mothers would be able to find something that they need or want from those sites.

At one glance, we would be able to tell that Zalora is the most organized shopping site, due to the optimized usage of images and headings. Sections are very well-defined too, with all the necessary information required at the homepage. This allows users to find what they want in a shorter amount of time as compared to sieving through pockets of items. The payment methods are also favorable for most as compared to Qoo10. It is a pity and an irony as sites like Qoo10, Taobao and Lazada actually offer a wider range of items than Zalora does. The latter sells only apparels but is more welcoming than the other e-commerce websites, and this is due to the unpleasant design those sites employ.

Other factors to take note for your Ecommerce sites:

If there was a choice to be made, the most organized Ecommerce site among the disorganized would be Lazada, which, at the very least, displays proper segregation of shopping sections for different products. It also fewer advertisements as compared to sites like Qoo10, which has a busier interface and makes viewers feel like there are too many things going on at the same time.

Another important point to take note of is the mobile interface of these sites. Zalora is great, as there is only one focal point at any time but Qoo10 makes it difficult for users to view everything on a tiny mobile screen. The layout for Qoo10 is disorganized and clumpy with an overload of information and small images. They should make use of filtered navigation such as headings and sub-headings, as well as doing some research on the most popular items that users search for and put them on the home page or on a more noticeable heading with good copywriting.

Choice of words go a long way too. Ecommerce sites that have too many words like ‘Offer!’ and ‘Buy Now!’do not appeal to consumers anymore. There is no desire created in the consumer and will not be convinced to purchase the items. Such words also do not play a part in telling the story of what the product brings to them.


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