3 Healthcare PR Strategies that are Time Tested

Effective healthcare PR strategies comprise strategic partnerships,crisis management plan and social media readiness. Hospitals without PR cant face competition

Healthcare PR Strategies

Healthcare PR strategies – why are they required?

Do hospitals need PR? May be not a couple of decades ago. But in present times healthcare PR strategies  are strongly required for the success of the business. Hospitals, like any other business have become a competitive industry and need hardcore marketing efforts.

  • Hospitals deal with real public and thus managing public opinion becomes crucial to the business.
  • With more and more healthcare centers coming up hospitals face tough competition. PR strategies are required to stay ahead.
  • Like airlines, hospitals need a good PR team for the crisis management as human lives are directly involved.

3 healthcare PR strategies that are time tested:

After going through the following PR strategies for hospitals, you will realize how conventional PR strategies are not enough in the present scenario.

  • Partnerships – a crucial PR strategy for hospitals

Hospitals should greatly harp on strategic partnerships with diverse healthcare partners like wellness clubs, fitness centers, or even holistic wellness. In short any business that is related to health issues can be partnered to join the cause of creating awareness on health issues. As PR strategy, hospitals should have celebrities as brand ambassadors who can help build a strong brand image. The PR strategy for healthcare should not restrict to media and press release. The strategy should be to directly target the public.

  • Social Media Marketing boosts PR strategies

Hospitals generally restrict to tradition PR strategies like press releases and media coverage. But in the present scenario where a large part of the target customer is on social media, it’s sheer foolishness to waste an important channel of communication with customers. Social media channels like Twitter, and Instagram should be frequently used to share useful health related content, patient’s testimonials, PR events, and health campaigns carried by the hospital. Social media tools boost the PR Strategies and help in getting a wider coverage.

  • Crisis Management Plan – most crucial to hospital’s PR strategy

Healthcare centers or hospitals are directly responsible for saving human lives. Any bad incident can cause a crisis where the hospital’s brand image starts crumbling. In such scenario, the PR team of the hospital should be ready with a contingency plan to answer the public. Reactions like “no comments” or avoidance of media, can be fatal for the business. The PR professionals should be ready with answers like who, why, and what next. This is an exercise that hospital’s PR should work on as a PR strategy and do not wait for the crisis to take place.

Healthcare PR strategies can no more be restricted to conventional ways. With changing scenario in how businesses connect with customers, healthcare industry needs to look at innovative ways to market itself.

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