How a Senior Manager search and find the Perfect job

find a work of your life
find a work of your life

 To find the perfect job forget salaries, fees, bonuses and status. Choose a job that makes you move. At the beginning of the year, you have set a target to get a new job? Congratulations, you’re not alone/a! According to statistics, about 15% of the population change jobs each year. At any given time, more than half of the workforce is looking for the new job more or less active form.

How do I choose my next job? What factors should be considered? How should I forget what?

Many take the decision based on salary, positions, and responsibilities. Instead, ask yourself this: Your new job will inspire, will energize you and let you do a good job? Will you work with people and nice and talented leaders? Will your work help people and contribute to making the world better? In short, make sure your next job makes you happy in your job.

Here are the eight steps you should take to make sure your next job is just like that great.

  1. Decides to change the sooner the better

He has never told anyone “X left the company in June, and it was a mistake. I should have stayed longer. “The vast majority of people who have left only wish we’d done before. It is highly tempting to remain in the previous job waiting for things to improve. Does not occur! It is time to leave, makes that decision and start actively look for something else. The longer you stay in a bad job, eats you more energy and self-confidence you need to find a new one.

  1. Give yourself time to find your new job.

The first job that can look good … or it may be the twenty. Give yourself time to look actively for something better and do not let economic pressure, the pressure of your relatives or uncertainty affect your decision.

  1. Focus on what you like, not what you hate

Many people change jobs to escape a bad situation. However, when you go to choose a job, it is not enough to focus on the things you want to avoid. Partly because there are an infinite number of things to avoid. But mainly because although you avoid each and every one of the bad things, that only guarantees that you will not be unhappy. To be happy in your work, you also need good things, not just the absence of bad.


The best way to find what you want at work is to look at what has previously done enchants you your job. Here’s how:


  1. Recalls specific situations in which you were happy at work
  2. Ask yourself what has made possible such situations
  3. Find out what will give you more great experiences in the future.


  1. Ignore the salary

Many people believe that having higher incomes will make them happier. They are wrong! This is the conclusion of a study of two professionals Princeton economist Alan Krueger and psychologist and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman. They read:


The belief that high income associated bring good mood is widespread but mostly illusory is.


I mean not ignore the economic needs that we face but should not determine what jobs we choose. What value has a salary increase of 25%, if it means suffering stress, frustration, and unhappiness for 40/60/80 hours a week?


  1. Ignore other irrelevant details

Some people choose their new job based on:

Office. “I will First Assistant Manager.”

Gratifications. “I get a new car, and I can use the executive bathroom.”

Status. “I have a team of 8 people. Now only 5. ”

Pressure relatives. “If I get this job my husband / wife / friends / parent will be very impressed.”

None of these factors will make you happy! Forget them.


  1. Ask for what you want

It is much easier to get what you want if you ask. In your job interviews, let them know that being happy at work is important to you, and tell them what is needed for the work you love it.

It is true that ask these things may mean not getting the job and it is precisely that! If the job does not make you happy, you do not want it!


  1. Make that phenomenal job

Is in your hands find a good job, then you are in your hands make it a phenomenal job!

You can passively sit their arms and wait for colleagues and boss make you happy – but that means nothing happen. It is your responsibility:


  1. Know what makes you happy at work
  2. Tell others
  3. Do something about it


  1. Feel free to go

A bad job is bad. A bad job that you can not leave is atrocious. In fact, knowing that you are free to leave can make you do a great job, as mentioned in a previous post. Also, reduce your expenses can be very good way to get more freedom of action at work.

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