Integrating Social Media with Content marketing

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Social media and Content marketing

What exactly is Content marketing and how can we leverage on social media to optimize our content marketing strategy?

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In short, content marketing is a marketing technique of creating valuable and relevant content to grasp the attention of a specific group of target customers. For example, an article on Health & Fitness tips will perhaps bring in mention of certain apps that specialize in health programs. These are actually content that was paid for by these companies. It is all about weaving the introduction of such ‘products’ into narratives or stories that consumers will be interested to read about.

There are many ways to use Content marketing but let us look at leveraging on Social media in this article.

  • Calls to Action

As messages on social media tend to be short, be sure to include a clear call to action. It could be as straightforward as to asking customers to make a purchase, or to click on a link to register their details.

A subtle call to action could be to invite the audience to engage in a discussion or share that particular post on their accounts. Another commonly used call to action is to entice followers with a prize by holding contests. Participants are to share and comment on the social media post, thus encouraging an online discussion and at the same time, generate social buzz.

  • Videos

Instead of direct advertisements, a short skit with an interesting direction would garner the interest of followers. The content of the video can be along the lines of: comedy, education or emotional.

Some behind-the-scenes shoots or a compilation of documented photos on social media would also be an interesting angle you can consider.

  • Use of celebrities/ influencers

This is self explanatory. The more relevance and reach your post has, the more followers and buzz you get online. And in order to achieve a wide reach, the social media message has to be from a credible, reliable and popular influencer. Do some research on local celebrities. Engaging a suitable influencer who has the right audience makes a difference in the quality of audience you end up reaching out to. The content posted has to be in line with what the influencer believes in.

  • Timing

Ensure the social media post has relevance to current issues and topics. There is always a right place and time for everything. Pay attention to sensitive content and the jump on the right opportunities to post the right content that would garner the most attention. Take advantage of current news and happenings and join in the online discussion.


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