PR Professional Career – 3 Stumbling Blocks to Success

steps to be a senior manager
steps to be a senior manager

A PR Professional career certainly looks promising. PR professionals get the opportunity to interact with the top management and work closely with the marketing team. But hiding the misdeeds of your clients or company can indeed be stressful and anxiety-provoking at times. You can become a star and on the other hand can be tagged as a non-performer; someone who failed to save the company’s image. In short, there can be many stumbling blocks in the career of a PR professional.

It’s not possible to foresee what might go wrong in the future, but a good PR professional should be aware of the hurdles that can affect his career.

PR professional career will have stumbling blocks to success if:

 You don’t like writing

PR professional career requires a knack for writing and also creating stories that will promote the brand image of the client. PR specialists should love to play with words. Their written and verbal communication should be just perfect to convey the right message on behalf of the company. Public relation officers should have the aptitude for creating business communication materials like pitches and press release.

Your PR professional career will flourish if writing is a joy for you rather than an effort. All PR professionals should know how to be meaningfully communicative. Lack of interest in writing can be a big stumbling block in public relation officer’s career

You don’t like limelight and media

As a PR professional, half of your productive time will be spent in networking with the publishers and reporters. The vast network and rapport you develop with various media channels, the more will be your success rate in PR professional career.

If you are shy of interacting with media and prefer to maintain limited network, then there can be many stumbling blocks in your career as a PR professional. Getting your client or company featured in the news coverage, product launch, press release, requires proactive public relation skills. To have a roaring career in public relations, you should put your reservations aside and focus on building meaningful network.

You can’t handle stress and negative criticism

According to a 2016 survey on most stressful jobs, number 6 is public relations. Multi tasking and long working hours are common for public relation officers. Plus there will be times when you fail to handle a situation to the satisfaction of the client. As a public relation officer your work will be under continuous scrutiny.

Public relation career is not for people who always want to be in the good books of everyone. It’s for those who can deal with rejection and take action to fix the problem. Being over sensitive can be a major stumbling block in your PR professional career.

Public relations career provides immense opportunities to rise and shine. It’s also lucrative at the same time. But a PR professional career is not for everyone; more than a formal degree it requires a strong personality that can handle crisis with confidence.

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