PR Secrets for Startups on a Budget

PR Secrets for Startups
PR Secrets for Startups

Nothing can excite a startup more than a list of PR secrets that comes free of cost. With a tight budget and limited resources, startups can definitely not hire expensive PR agencies. But they can practice some Do-it-yourself PR activities. With the right set of PR activities, startups can get the required exposure and take their marketing to next level.

3 PR Secrets that Every Startup Must Know:

  • Recognize Key People – A PR secret to help startups identify their target audience

I would say it’s not a PR secret, but rather a requirement. As a PR strategy for your startup, you need to start building a community even before you kickoff. Identify a set of important people that you would target for PR activities. They can be journalists, partners, influencers, brand ambassadors, advisors. This is just like identifying your customers or buyer persona. For effective PR strategies, it’s crucial that you speak to the right set of people. For example, if you’re in F&B industry, it will be useless engaging with a blogger who writes on personal relationships.

  • Follow and Learn from Practitioners – A PR secret that’s handy for startups

As a DIY practitioner, this PR secret will help you build a strong foundation. You must follow the competitors and industry practitioners and try to learn from their PR activities. Analyze the kind of influencers and journalists your competitors are engaging with. Identify the social media platforms that are most suitable for your business.

For example, if you are a wedding planner then it’s crucial to recognize all the online forums that discuss wedding events in your region. A wedding planner must have a strong presence on informal social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Follow other wedding planners on these platforms and learn from their failures and success.

  • Create your Presence – A PR secret for useful groundwork

You have identified the key people and platforms that are suitable for carrying your future PR activities. Now it’s time to start creating your presence on these platforms. Make your business visible to everyone who is relevant. Enroll in relevant forums, like, share or comment on the posts of influencers you want to engage with later. Sometimes just sharing a post on your business page makes you visible. A startup can start making a place for itself even before it comes in the mainstream business.

By creating presence, a startup can sow seeds for future PR activities. It’s like creating point of entry for future PR strategy.

Conclusion: The present day public relation has to catch up with the new trends set forth by web. These PR secrets can be used by startups to do DIY public relation in absence of a professional agency. This exercise will also help the startups have an understanding of the PR strategy aligned with their business.

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