Pros & Cons of E Commerce

Pros of E commerce
Pros of E commerce

Pros for both E Commerce consumers and owners:

  1. E commerce shopping at your convenience

Imagine, no queues!

2. Save costs

Do away with rental costs which can get pretty pricey in Singapore or other urban cities. That way, owners can focus on investments on other items such as quality and services that enhance the E commerce business.

Owners will also be able to save on labour and operating costs.

3. Shop anytime, anywhere

There is no such thing as ‘opening hours’ where consumers have to rush down to view the products available at a certain time. Shopping online can be done anytime and anywhere, even in your PJs. Location and space are not factors for business owners anymore.

4. Lesser time spent

Spend lesser time searching for what you want by zooming down to the exact product you are looking for and poof – consumers would be able to purchase the item in less than 15 minutes – even faster than time taken to dress up to head out to the mall.

5. More information on E commerce

Buyers are equipped with more information and context on products, with explanations and possibly instructions on usage, as compared with limited details at a physical store.

6. Larger customer base

Gone are the days you have to target only certain customers based on geographical locations. Owners now can reach out internationally to potential buyers.

Cons for both E Commerce owners and consumers:

  1. Lack of personal touch when making purchases on E-commerce sites

All consumers face is a lifeless screen and this cannot be compared to the warmth of interaction with people and experiencing service during shopping online.

2. Possible credit scams

With technology involved and payment modes over the net, there is a risk of insecure networks.

3. Delay in receiving goods

Instant gratification is not fulfilled as there is a delay in goods receipt for E-commerce shopping. Last minute purchases would not work as well. More e-commerce sites should look into express delivery as an affordable option to overcome this disadvantage and to improve the experience.

4. Reliant on internet

Your business and revenue are dependent entirely on the functionality of the site. Your E-commerce site cannot afford to be down.


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