Psychological Help for Entrepreneurs: 5 signs to watch out for

Psychological Help for Entrepreneurs: 5 signs to watch out for

Psychological Help for Entrepreneurs:
Psychological Help for Entrepreneurs:

Psychological Help for Entrepreneurs: 5 signs to watch out for

Psychological stress is a natural phenomenon of any activity involving work and creativity, especially for entrepreneurs. The challenge is how to find Psychological Help for Entrepreneurs.

According to the Annual Survey from Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) in 2012, one in four participants surveyed reported experiencing high stress levels. In addition, the general working population, aged between 18 to 69, saw an increase in stress level.

What if you are a business owner?

When you are business owner, it is inevitable that you will be experiencing tremendous stress from many responsibilities that rest solely on your shoulders. Sure, it can be very satisfying to be rewarded with praises and fame when you succeed. However, if you fail, it can be very lonely.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that many entrepreneurs are more affected by mental health conditions such as depression and substance abuse, when compared to the general population. As there is now an increasing awareness about mental illness and its prevalence in our professional lives, there is a need for a new level of understanding on how business owners can gain access to professional help in staying mentally (and physically) healthy.

Seeking counseling help is not just about the mind that needs fixing, it is about a life that needs to be managed with the help of a professional counsellor.

You do not have to be at the brink of a mental meltdown or feeling totally overwhelmed with life to be seeking professional help.

You do not need to be suffering from a mental disorder or, to put it in a layman yet an insolent way, “crazy”, to go for counseling.

Let’s face it, we all experience periods of sadness, stress, grief, loss, and resentment. It is a sign that you are only human, not crazy. Sometimes, we may not even be conscious about our negative emotions or see the need to address the issue until much later or when it is, well, too late. Therefore, it is important that you seek professional help not as a form of treatment but as a form of prevention.

You do not need to have a regular weekly therapy if you do not see the necessity at all. However, a three- to five-session consultation with a counsellor can even be sufficient for you to get your life back on track and in order. 

Here are the 5 signs you need to take note so you can make seeking counseling help YOUR priority:

1. Experience Intense Emotions

When emotions (especially negative ones) become intense and uncontrollable, it can affect how you live your life and run your business. These could have stemmed from underlying issues, which you need to sort it out yourself. Alternatively, talk to somebody you trust before serious problems arise. It is normal to find yourself eating or sleeping more or less than usual, withdrawing from family and friends, or losing interest in your usual activities that keep you engaged. However, if these problems continue to affect your social activities for more than a week, it is a sign that you need to seek Psychological Help for Entrepreneurs.

2.  Abusing Substances to Cope

There are healthier alternatives to cope with stress and problems that life throws at us. If you use substances to cope with stress, you are not solving your problems. Instead, you are likely to be overwhelmed and are seeking to escape from your problems. This is because facing your issues is simply too much for you to take. On the contrary, you may be struggling with addiction to these substances and it is never too late to seek professional help for entrepreneurs to get yourself out of this compulsive behaviour before it affects your professional life.

3. Sour Relationships

Are you working too hard on your start-up lately, until you find yourself unable to interact well with your loved ones on a regular basis? Perhaps you have difficulty communicating how you feel to your loved ones, or spouse, or anyone within your social circle. Counseling can help empower you to make better decisions and to communicate effectively using the right phrases and body language. You may want to seek help from a family therapist, couple therapist, or a professional counsellor for this issue.

4. Crushed by Negative Feedback in Business

Negative feedback at work can either serve as a motivation for you to do better, or a detrimental undoing of your career in the long run. For the latter, it could stem from the way you interpret the feedback. If it is so, do seek clarification from someone you trust on how you can do better, no matter how devastated you you may be feeling. As entrepreneurs, rejection is a common phenomenon. It is a test of your focus, strength, and tenacity to problem-solve and find a way out of the issue. If at any time, you find that you are unable to concentrate well on your work and unable to deliver quality work, it may be time for you to see a professional counsellor to sort things out and Psychological Help for Entrepreneurs:

5. Plagued by Trauma, Grief or Loss

The pain of losing someone in the family, experiencing a breakup, divorce, or a business failure can be enough to impact one’s daily functioning. For many, the thought that “time can heal all wounds” is not always true. Time can sometimes make things worse if you take no action to resolve or come to terms with these unfinished business. When you find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle of repeated negative thoughts relating to some unresolved issues, the only way to unstuck yourself from this recurring problem is to seek help from a counsellor like yours truly, or a psychologist.

In summary, it is essential to seek professional counseling when you experience an unusual and dramatic change in your lifestyle (i.e. appetite, sleep, social functioning, things that interest you etc). A healthy mind is a fuel to your entrepreneurial success.

Making mental health your priority does not make you a crazy person, instead you are being responsible for your mental wellbeing and in control of your life. Only a crazy person continues to dwell in the lies of stigma without having to take steps to improve his wellbeing. Psychological Help for Entrepreneurs today. 

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