Public Relations for Every Artist

Public relation for every artist
Public relation for every artist

Public Relations can be one of your most powerful marketing tools!

Every budding artist or creative professional should use public relations to market their business and for personal branding. This is especially so if you plan to run a start-up or build your own branding. Hop over to for more reasons on why using PR is strongly encouraged.

Firstly, we have to understand what Public Relations is all about. Public relations is not advertising. With advertising, you pay to have your advertisement or creative piece appear in a media channel such as a magazine or on TV, based on your preferred date and time. Advertising is relatively more expensive than Public relations. The item that Public relations consumes more of is not money, but time and effort.

Think about it. The world is constantly on the search for news and latest updates and it is about who knows it first. Online and digital media is the channel to explore and tap into in this century. The world is hungry to hear what is new – it might as well be YOU that is new in the world!

Public relations can help you in:

•Communication between you and your audience(s) and target customers

•A connection between you and the media

•Promoting you as an expert in your particular field by being quoted and sought after

•Building credibility with your significant stakeholders such as customers, employees, and the public

•Expanding social media coverage

•Event coverage

•Crisis management

Some examples of how you can use PR to tell what is going on in your world:

•New launches or products or exhibits that you are working on

•Contact information and what to look out for in the next new event

•Accolades and award won

•Mentionable collaboration with other well-known individuals or organizations

•Commendable community activities or groups that you are involved with

•Articles written on you or your work

In general, before any marketing pitch, you need to have a firm grasp of the basics and a strategy for the message that you would like to bring across to your audience and what the media will be interested in.

You have to:

•Identify your target customers

•Understand your target customers such as what they read, like, what websites they visit, which group of people do they respect and who influences them

•Know your message, amplify your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses

•Have something of interest for your audience – in short something newsworthy!

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