Relationship Marketing in the Millenials’ World

5 Ways to Build Your Relationship Marketing with Millenials

Millenials Relationship Marketing
Millenials Relationship Marketing

Millenials Relationship Marketing

All relationships are hard.

Be it with your parents, siblings, children, significant other, bosses, colleagues, friends, neighbours and the list is endless. It’s never easy to maintain one, and the start of any relationship (more so relationship marketing with millenials) is always clouded with excitement, anticipation, uncertainty and sometimes, even doubt. Pretty much all of our daily dealings with other people propel us to go through a different range of emotions and sometimes these relationships last.

Other times, they don’t.They simply die a natural death or get killed off. #movingon.

So if building and maintaining relationships with the people we love and care about is so damn hard, what about strangers we meet or who want to meet us?And how do strangers who want to sell something, build that relationship with strangers who DO NOT want to buy that something?

Many a marketers and businesses have struggled to keep up with the latest trends in the digital world flooded with millenials and fewer still have mastered the fine art of relationship marketing to millenials in that very same digital landscape.

Keep in mind that all relationships have the same basis:

1.When it comes to Relationship Marketing, BE YOU. Always

Nobody likes a pretender. Sure, we are usually on our best behaviour when we first meet people and we try to be more accommodating, but you should not be someone you are not.

Essentially, your values and principle should be reflected in your actions and words.

When you are marketing to millenials, do not pretend to be someone else other than yourself because you will get called out. And when that does happen (because it will, trust me. There’s no hiding in the digital world) you will be worst off than ever before. You will be dragged, kicked and left to dry on all social media platform.

Imagine appearing on every Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube post as #fake or #hate

It will not bode well for you to be remembered as the most hated brand of the century by 92 milion 15-35 year olds. Think #MACmakeup and not #AbercrombieandFitchlame

Get it?

2.Learn to Listen

This is a generation that has a lot to say and instead of talking, they let their fingers do the clicking. So listen closely to what they are saying, and take the trouble to address their concerns and wants.

Yes, yes their wants are many and you may not be able to cope. No, I’m not asking you to be the doormat boyfriend nor am I asking you to be the accommodating girlfriend who cooks and serves beer while her useless boyfriend watches the game on TV.

While it’s important to be real and genuine in your relationship marketing with millenials, it is equally important to pay attention what they dislike or what is not working.

Remember, they are not shy. They have no qualms in expressing their dislikes and peeves. The faster you can react and rectify, the better. Monitor comments, feedback and ratings. Respond in a timely fashion and admit if/when a mistake is made. Remember, time is money.

Don’t lie. Don’t cover up. Don’t tell them how you are going to make up for it. Instead, show them.

Prove them your worth.

All in the name of avoiding a break-up. Nobody likes a break-up especially if they are the ones being dumped.

3. Be a giver, not a taker

People get tired of those who keep taking. Remember that friend in school who only wanted to hang out with you when she needed your help with her homework?

Or that “best friend’ who calls you out of the blue and pretends to say “hi” but it always ends up the same way-with him asking you for a loan. Nobody likes to be taken advantage off or to feel as if they are valued only when they have something to offer.

Millenials are educated, fearless, wired and impatient. So if you want to build a relationship with them, tell them what you have to offer and how it will create value in their lives. Aim for long-term relationship rather than a one night stand.

They will appreciate your product or service more if you can convince them that you care about them and you want to help make their lives better. Rather than owning, millenials want to be users and active users at that. Should they like you, they will not hesitate to share, post and recommend you to their friends and followers. #love is the buzzhash.

This one goes up on your #relationshipgoals marketing plan.

 4.Create Meaningful, Personalized Content

Relationship marketing is about building a long term bond. NOT selling a product.

Content is king they say, and millenials are big on content. Most of their buying decisions are made based on blog reviews, YouTube videos and online feedback provided by fellow peers. Chances are, when the influencers like it, the millenials will buy it.

So how do you create content that is meaningful? Go back to the previous points and you get the gist. Know that millenials want to be deemed as individuals and traditional marketing tactics such as pop-up ads and TV commercials aren’t going to be enough for them to add you as friends on Facebook.What they want and need to know is how is your product or service going to impact their lives, help them reach their goals and make a difference on their Instagram feed.

Do the research, analyse and create powerful, meaningful content – be it a blog, video or website.

Make it matter. Make it about something they are passionate about.After all, we are talking about the very people who will lose interest quicker than the time it takes you to click “like’ on their Instagram.

Make it strong.

They want to change the world. Show them how.  

5.Build Trust

You’ve heard this before. No relationship marketing can work without trust. When building relationships with millenials in the digital world, it is essential that you get this right.

No hijacking of hastags, no re-tweeting any content without first ensuring that it’s real, no trying to “create” viral videos, no supporting racist Presidential candidates (sorry, couldn’t help myself with a Trump joke) and definitely no spelling errors #colombia not #columbia.

Once you gain their trust, they will be faithful and your relationship can then grow with them as they (millenials) grow too. So, no cheating allowed.

Or maybe a little…..just don’t get caught.

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