Social Media Marketing | Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of Social Media Marketing
Advantages and disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing plays a vital role in today’s marketing campaign.Social Media has grown from being just a digital channel for socializing with other media, into the most powerful Digital marketing tools for brands and business. Social media marketing is a powerful tool of any marketing campaign. Though the very first site was launched in 1997 called” Six Degrees.”  but over the years it has changed the internet.  Changing the nature of relationships and also the definition of consumer involvement. It offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses to reach to their target audience and establish brand awareness.

Does Social Media Marketing gives the company 100% control on their own Marketing Campaign.

The major advantages for the Social media marketing are:

  1. Social Media marketing is fast

    Through social media you can spread a news or any information related to the company’s brand or product to target audience, very fast. The company can synchronize their website with social sites, so fresh updates are immediately disperse. It has become the fastest mode to reach to target audience.

  2. Social Media marketing Caters to large number of audience

    Old media marketing use to cater only to the fixed audience whereas through social media marketing the company can reach to its target audience in much larger number around the world by using the right platform. Like Twitter (which cater almost 250 million active users).

  3. Social media marketing is low cost marketing

    One of the biggest factor for which Social media marketing is widely use because it involves low cost in comparison of traditional media marketing. It allows small businesses to reach to their potential audience in much larger way with minimal cost involve. Most popular social sites are practically free to join.

  4. Social media marketing maintains long-term relations with clients

    With traditional marketing it was difficult to maintain the long lasting relations with existing clients, but with social media marketing it is very easy. That is the beauty of SMM, it is based and is powered by social interaction, which helps the company to maintain long and trustworthy relation with existing clients.

  5. Social Media Marketing help to generate new leads

    The more you have interactions with target audience the more trust you build with them. It will help to boost the company’s reputation and will also helps in the process to develop brand loyalty. Loyal audience will give there positive feedback and that will ultimately help other people to consider the company’s product/services.

No doubt Social media marketing is a strong tool for marketing goods and services but it also got a dark side associated to it.

  1. Delay in ROI

    Social Media marketing doesn’t give enough return on investment for the amount of risk and effort. Lots of time and effort is required to create a social media marketing campaign though it seems costless, but resources are paid to create a profile, to update the contents on regular basis, address client quires on frequent basis. As it requires a lot of interaction with users, which require a dedicated team/person to be always available online. More over it is difficult to measure the returns on the investment.

  2. Damage of Brand image

    A negative feedback or complaints from client can damage the company’s reputation. Feedback or complaint broadcasted on the social sites gets viral very fast, they are visible and open for scrutiny from the public. There are no options of erasing or deleting the negative feedback/comments. It becomes very difficult and expensive to redeem company’s image once it’s tainted. A small mistake, even a comment from employee can result to acute brand damage.

  3. Lose control on marketing campaign

    Once the company post anything new on social media channel it gets viral and within a short time span spreads like wildfire in online sphere. It may result in favor for the brand image or may not. It also may divert traffic to the company’s site which can become troublesome, difficult to handle and company start loosing their control on their own campaign. Turns to negative online reputation.

Like everything else, Social Media Marketing has its own pros and cons. However with the implementation of right Social Media Marketing Strategies for marketing campaign can reduce the chances of failing.


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