6 steps to boost your business with Social Media Marketing Strategy

Plan Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
Right Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Boost your business with Social Media Marketing Strategy – 6 steps to Plan right Strategy for Social Media Marketing.

Planning Social Media marketing Strategy is all about diverting the attention towards what the target audience thinks about a company’s products and services and how their feedback can be put to good use to make the company’s product and services better and to achieve the ultimate goal of a satisfied clientele.

Social Media is making headlines. Whether it’s a video going viral on you-tube, a tweet creating storm between rival parties or a negative feedback that on Facebook gains instant attention and reaction from the authorities.

Social media marketing has a 100% higher potential of lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing, with the right approach, right strategy and a well thought out plan. Research shows that almost 93% of marketers, use social media to promote their business.

The following six steps in the form of a strategy planning Shed more light on the correct approach to Social Media Marketing:

  1. Set goals and objectives For Social Media Marketing Strategy

    A company without a vision and mission may end up shooting in the dark, so in compliance with the basic principles of strategic planning, the first thing the company should do is set, a vision and mission and define their goals and objectives. Answer the 4W’s and 1H. Explore what the company wants from the social media marketing. Is it to create more awareness of brand or to increase sales and website traffic or both. The company should have S.M.A.R.T objectives.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

For example – The company’s goal – is to increase the sales and the objective – increase of sale by 50% in six months.

  1. Target Audience for Social Media Marketing Strategy

    The company must know who their target audience is. Buyer personas help the company to define and target the right people, in right place with a right message. When the company knows their audience it becomes easier to target them on social sites.

  1. Close watch on competitors to plan Social Media Marketing Strategy

    Competitive analysis is a key component to any marketing strategy and when it comes to social media marketing is becomes a very useful component. It is vital to keep a check on competitor’s activities.

  • Knowing which social sites the competitors use and what their content strategy is puts a company on a strong footing have an edge above the rest.
  • Knowing their number of followers.
  • Check their posting frequency and also pay attention on the type of content they post.
  • Always look for the response they get on those post. It gives an idea how to present products and services in a better way so that a company can target their intended audience more effectively.
  1. Selection of Social Media channels for Social Media Marketing Strategy

    With the help of Buyer’s Persona a company will know which social media platform is used by their target audience the most. If the company’s target audience is ‘Professionals’, then it would make sense to use Linked-in as the primary social media platform. If, however a company’s target audience spends 50% of their time online on Facebook and 30% of their time on Twitter, then the primary social media marketing platform should me Facebook and the secondary platform should be Twitter. Simple as it may seem, it is very often, not given due credence by many companies.

  1. Content strategy needed for Social Media Marketing Strategy

    Content has its own importance in social media marketing. In fact, without good content social media marketing is rather meaningless. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you sell, the product features and its benefits are not enough to create passion in the target audience. The company needs a powerful content to aptly present information a company’s product and services through slogans, videos and images. For example: ‘Disney’ is not about movies, its about ‘Magic’.  ‘Apple’ isn’t about technology, its about ‘Innovation’.

  1. Time for Test to analysis Social Media Strategy

    The final and the most important step is, tracking the performance. Comparing the results with the goals and objectives of the company and reviewing metrics, keeping a track on the posts, follower growth, number of clicks to the site or to the posts and blogs etc. There are different tools to track the performance such as, Google analytics, Hoot- suite etc. If the performance matches the goals, then the company is moving in right direction. But if not, then clearly its time to make changes in the approach in order to get the desired results.

To get a clearer picture on why and how to opt for the right strategies which can help a company boost their Social Media Marketing campaign, watch this video.



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