Social Media Marketing- A new Marketing Trend

Social Media Marketing- People Buy from People

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a new marketing trend. Whereas people tend to think it is just another way of marketing via Internet, it is that and more, much more. Social Media Marketing involves the process of getting attention to a particular website through other social media sites. The goal of Social media marketing is to write content that can be shared and spread by people on their social network that will ultimately help the company to increase brand exposure. It uses among others, Social Media Sites as a marketing tool to capture user’s attention.

Social Media Marketing – People buy from People

Marketing is a very ‘hands on’ and a ‘people to people’ concept. There is nothing closer to people now-a-days than their own personal space – within the domain of the world wide web and the privacy of their social media accounts. It thus makes absolute sense that effective marketing tools use social media to their advantage. Social Media sites, play a vital role in today’s marketing world and provide a platform for people to meet, interact, communicate, bond and befriend others around the world. It has no geographic, socio-political or physical boundaries. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in are but a few, in the wide variety of international and local social media sites that cater to the world’s internet subscribers.

A key component of Social Media Marketing is Search Media Optimization (SMO) which allows the addition of social media links to the company’s website.

Through social media the seller can have a direct relationship with the buyer and get the feedback as well. Buyers also feels confident because now they can raise their concerns directly with the seller, give direct feedback and voice their complaints. It is very important for any company to be active on such sites at all times so as not to lose out on any potential buyers and also to monitor internet chatter which may affect their reputation in any way good or bad.

It is vitally important to measure success in marketing and for this a company must know what they are trying to accomplish. Some key factors for a company before it considers Social Media Marketing are as follows:

  1. Listen to people - Read target buyer’s online contents, formulate their preferences and join them in discussions to try to learn more about them in order to develop the right strategy to sell.
  2. Focus - The company’s needs to be focused on the social media and content marketing strategy.
  3. Quality – It is important to maintain quality online connections of those who read and stay connected with you.
  4. Patience Pays – Quick money happens in the movies and the Lottery. Selling through social media takes time and patience, to identify, develop and engage the customer. Trust takes the longest, but pays the best.
  5. Multi-level marketing - When The company have their loyal audience they will share their experiences via social media site or write blogs. “People help people buy”.
  6. Acknowledgement - Is an important for the company to acknowledge every client. This will help the company to develop and foster a personal bond. (E.g. - Addressing every client with their names before starting a discussion or a conversation.)
  7. Availability - The company should have a designated team for Social media marketing, who is always accessible by their clients.
  8. Up-gradation – A company must in order to keep their customer’s attention, make changes and upgrade their content regularly.
  9. Give and take - A company needs to share and write about other’s companies’ contents as in order for the latter to do the same. It must all be positive though as it does not pay to pick a fight on social media

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