CEOs most followed on twitter : Who are the top 8?

CEOs most followed on twitter
CEOs most followed on twitter


CEOs of leading global companies share their business vision through their Twitter accounts. So who are the CEOs most followed on twitter?

In a recent study called “The socialization of its general director,” the international firm Weber Shandwick reported that only 28% of the top CEOs worldwide have the public presence in social networks, after analyzing the online presence of the ceos of the 50 leading companies in the Fortune Global 500. Regarding the most commonly used top leaders of these companies network, LinkedIn stands as the platform where these executives have more presence, with 22%. Facebook reached 0%, while Twitter, where 1 out of 10 CEO’s has a public profile, stands with just 8%

According to the report, there are many reasons why executives at this level are usually not constantly communicate through Twitter, starting with defining which messages are personal and what tweets are on behalf of the organization they represent. On the other hand, it is often people with little public exposure, so that messages of 140 characters up quite often surprising for those who prefer to move below the radar. However, in recent years, there are CEO’s who are breaking the mold, showing that tools like Twitter can help create a better corporate reputation and gather their online communities.

These are eight corporate CEO’s who have made Twitter part of your daily routine, whether to share compelling content of their personal or professional lives. Follow could become a lesson in how you can use social networks to create stronger ties with consumers and community.



User: @BillGates

Followers: 25718738

“Sharing things I’m learning through my foundation work and other interests,” writes the founder and former CEO of Microsoft in his brief presentation. With 1,859 tweets since June 2009, he devoted his Twitter account to his philanthropic work, with the occasional comment on topical issues and business news. His last message, “A thoughtful look at Melinda tireless work to improve the lives of women and girls” is an invitation to a link to an article in Forbes about the philanthropic work of his wife.



User: @RichardBranson

Followers: 6,845,314

Richard Branson is the eccentric CEO of Virgin Group. “Adventurous, philanthropist and disturbing, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Also known as Dr. Yes in Virgin!” Is the business card in his Twitter account dedicated to their new business ventures. Account Branson on this social network is part of the communication strategy of your company to investors because it provides a direct line between the CEO and the general public on what to do with the company, both in the short and in the long run.



User: @elonmusk

Followers: 2,958,002

The Twitter account Elon Musk is the best way to know what’s going on SpaceX and Tesla. For example, last June, after the Falcon 9 rocket disintegrated off the coast of Florida in full ascent into space, Musk posted a tweet stating: “There was a case of overpressure in the upper liquid oxygen tank on the stage. The data suggest a counterintuitive cause. ” For Musk, Twitter represents the possibility of providing real-time statements about the company and its promising forays in search of making man reaches Mars.



User: @realDonaldTrump

Followers: 5,023,473

In the midst of his campaign for president of the United States of the Republican Party, Donald Trump has become addicted to Twitter. Every day, at least two or three times a day, publishes tweets about the places you visit in the field, as well as answers to his critics. One of his most controversial messages was the explanation offered after pleading for expanding the border fence between Mexico and the United States. “I love the people of Mexico, but Mexico is not our friend. We are killing on the border, and we are killing in employment. FIGHT!”. For Trump, the social network is your personal megaphone.



User: @rupertmurdoch

Followers: 666.760

Rupert Murdoch recently announced his departure as CEO of 21st Century Fox, but that does not mean you can not offer a vision of his thought, freedom of expression or businesses in the media. Murdoch also offers personal and political views on Twitter, in addition to its business reflections. “John Kerry says the slaughter of Charlie Hebdo was not as bad as Paris. Wrong! Recent Killings nonsense, Charlie was the deliberate attack against freedom” was one of his last tweets.



User: @WarrenBuffett

followers: 1,113,225

Known as the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, founder of Berkshire Hathaway company, he entered the world of Twitter in April 2013. However, its presence has been limited just five tweets. First of all, “Warren is in the house” was retweeted 43,281 times and scored 16,629 likes. The last of all tweets, uploaded last May, was: “Better than the minimum wage increase, will help Americans with an expansion of the Earned Income Credit Work”, an invitation to a column published in the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.



User: @tim_cook

Followers: 1,738,423

In October 2014 the Twitter account of Tim Cook became famous for receiving thousands of congratulations from various public figures, by publicly declaring his homosexuality. Since then, Cook not only shares messages about equality, equity and inclusion of sexual minorities but about their worldview, their relationship with customers and Apple’s future projects. Often up to Twitter photos with buyers of Apple products, who thanks them with their name by relying on technological equipment it produces.


Mark Zuckerberg

User: @finkd

Followers: 366,277

Facebook founder opened his Twitter account in February 2009 to learn and make the best of this social network. He started posting tweets about how wonderful life within Facebook, but ended up taking some of the features of the social network, such as the integration of hashtags in the feed as well as the redesign of Facebook to the profile of Twitter, with target users with accounts on both networks, in both spaces, feel at home. It ceased publication in January 2012.

Note: The “CEOs most followed on twitter” list will always keep changing. The crux is to follow the leader whom you resonate in terms of leadership style and content.

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