5 habits that help you to become CEO

become a ceo
habit help you to become a ceo

If you want to become CEO, only you can do it, says Peter Cohan, strategy consultant and professor at Babson College. This conclusion comes after 300 CEOs interviewed.

“I know that CEOs do things differently,” he says.
It also states that if you make the following habits, you could become a CEO.

1. Do more of what you have to do
If you work for someone else, surely you specified a target. But people who became CEOs did not just do what was expected of them, but because they spent more time improving their organizations.

2. Create and cultivate a culture
“One of the most important tasks of a CEO is to create and cultivate the culture of a company,” says Cohan.

If you want to become CEO, you must understand how to do that. To achieve this could start to reflect the following questions: what kind of people stand? What behaviors lead to get things? Are these values help or hinder the growth of the company?

3. Eliminate barriers preventing others to succeed
The great CEOs serve people working in your organization. That means you should not focus solely on your own needs. If you want to show your business leaders that have potential, you start thinking about how you can help others to do their work more effectively.

4. Coaching not micromanage
Leaders who manage small details the work of their employees end up demotivating. If you aspire to become a CEO, you have to train people to find ways to achieve their goals.

Instead of telling them what to do, ask solutions. And encourage them to think about the pros and cons of them.

5. If you do not love what you do, resign!
The CEO must have multiple skills. For example, you have to be good at selling or building a product. You should also communicate well with many actors to be sure they follow the rules and procedures.

The hard part is to know if you fit the requirements of that role. To be sure, you can ask yourself the following questions: Is my critical work for the success of the company? Am I the best person to do this job? Do I like my job?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, find someone else for the position.

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