Building Better Teamwork: 15 Unspoken Truth

Building better teamwork requires great leadership and matching team personality. Both need the same mindset which determines their approach to communication, methods of operations, thinking process and individual behaviour.

Building better teamwork
Building better teamwork

Building Better Teamwork

Building better teamworkA�requires great leadership and matching team personality. Both need the same mindset which determines their approach to communication, methods of operations, thought processes and individual behaviour. If you are a Senior Manager, practice these 15 steps.

1. A� A�Attitude. Building better teamwork requires:A�

  • Win-Win (Others and Me).A�This is not just a strategy but a team mindset. No one must lose in a team.
  • PositivityA�(Start strong; begin with the end in mind). Anything can be accomplished if the team put their minds to it. Vision is given by the leader. Mission is developed and embraced collectively.
  • Long term perspective (not just for now). The longer the team needs to stay together, the bigger the commitment from everyone.

2. A� A�ActiveA�Listening.A�Building better teamwork requires:A�

  • Be Available. Be present whenever someone is addressing a concern or sharing experiences . It is a simple yet profoundly neglected communication skills. Make time for everyone in the team. Close your notebook whenever someone is sitting across your desk. Make time to have open discussions in a conducive environment. Conference rooms may not be the best location for creativity.
  • Listen more than you Speak. We are born with 2 ears and 1 mouth. We should utilise them in the same ratio. Exercise patience in listening to each other’s concerns and challenges.
  • Ask the Right Questions. It is not only great for A�clarification. It also opens up more creativity within the group. Ask to understand and not ask to challenge each other. Asking the right questions also clear potential misunderstanding along the way.

3. A� A�Watch the way weA�Speak.A�Building better teamwork requires:A�

  • The Pace. Speak Slowly.A�By slowing down your pace, your message actually gets clearer and more easily understood. Use pauses at strategic points of your sharing to allow others to process your points.
  • The Approach. SpeakA�Gently. A�How you bring up certain issues is more important than what those issues are to the team. Watch your tone. Take time to reply a perceived nasty email. It can save a lot of potential internal rift.
  • The Attitude Speak firmly. Be gentle yet firm.A�A�Your tone shows your attitude. Be firm if you want to be taken seriously.

4. A� A�Be Self-Aware. Learn to watch yourself.A�Building better teamwork requires:A�

  • Lead /A�ManageA�People. Manage Processes. Most team leaders’ job is to lead, everyone else can be a manager of a process. Do the right thing. Visionary leadership is what is needed from the project leader.
  • Share /A�InstructA�information with team members. There should never be any inner circle in the team. All information should be shared as timely as possible. Sharing important information too late will make them look like last minute instructions.
  • Act inter-dependently /A�independently.A�Act with everyone else’s in mind. If it is all about you, the team will fall apart. Depend on each other in the team to make things happened.

5.A�A�A�A�Interact Openly. Building better teamwork requires:A�

  • Accept Others for WHO they are. Everyone is different; we all fit into one big puzzle. If two people are the same, one of them will be redundant.
  • Ask everyone for contribution. Be inclusive, get everyone involved and engaged. This will instil the sense of ownership
  • Acknowledge people openly. Appreciation isna��t enough. Recognition is more important than reward sometimes. Be sure everyone is edified at the right time at the right occasion.

Building better teamwork requires the right attitude, active listening, watch the way we speak, be self-aware and interact with others openly

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