Letter Writing Day for Snail Mail

There is nothing like getting a piece of snail mail from the people you know personally or professionally

Letter writing Day
Letter writing Day, September 01

It’s letter writing Day on September 01, every year.

There is nothing like getting a piece of snail mail from the people you know personally or professionally

There are fantastic ways of communication available in this digital era. There is nothing like getting a piece of snail mail from the people you know personally or professionally. On this letter writing Day, A�we will learn how snail mail is important to us.

What is a letter? A�A letter is an art of exchanging ideas and emotions in a written format.

The letter writing day was started by Richard Simpkin. In 1990 he started a project called Australian Legends. The day was marked as a�?letter writing daya�� only after 2005 when his book Australian legends’A�was released in which he mentioned that he met, photographed and interviewed 80 legends. It all started by writing letters to them

Letter writing brings back flashes of the precious memories. Letters are concrete. They can be stored and cherished forever. Unlike e-mail message, that does not have any characteristic. A handcrafted letter has a personality of it own and it recounts the message as if then the sender is there to relay it personally. It cannot be a�?Copy and Pasteda��

With the fast pace of today’s world, we have lost the sentimental values of love or being loved. This emotion is lost in the electronic world, in emoticons when, we use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their likes to reach to our friends. We share our moments and thoughts, with all sorts of people weather we are emotionally connected or not. All that matters is how many a�?likesa�� and a�?sharesa�� we receive on our posts. But let us ask ourselves how happy do we feel reading the same post after few years. Not much right! Some of the comments dona��t even matter to us because those comments were from the people we were not emotionally attached to. Now think of a handcrafted post card you received from a friend, years back. When the friend was travelling and shared their emotional and fun loving moments with you. This will definitely bring back aA�smile on your face.

Why letter writing day is important in this digital era?

  1. letter writing shows the weightage of a relationship in your life.

A handcrafted note shows how much you cherish a relationship. It shows deeper investment and appreciation than a simple thank you can. It helps others remember that you value your relationship. Ita��s another way to grow loyalty with clients and business associates.

  1. Snail mails are more expensive than a digital mail

No doubt that you can write an e-mail or text with no cost involved. A hand written letter does cost few dollars (notepad and a stamp). Email and text are fast and handcrafted notes move literally at a snaila��s pace in comparison. They may cost something but remember, they also mean something. Which have perpetuity in a way, emails and text messages dona��t have. A thoughtful letter can be treasured for years.

A� A� 3. Letter writing is a memorable way to touch peoplea��s lives

Sending a letter is the next best thing to showing up personally at someonea��s door. For an example when your loved one is on a business trip and you receive a letter or a postcard from them with a beautiful handcrafted messages, it makes you feel the person is standing in front of you are saying all those words. Makes you feel very special. The impact of snail mail is sometimes bigger than sending a gift.

A� A� A�4. Letter writing helps you say much more, in less

A well-written letter goes a very long way. Writing letters is a deliberate exercise. You do it to give, not to receive. You write because therea��s something you need to say, not something you need to know. A good handcrafted letter is a creative act; it opens a window to the soul in a way that cyber communication can never do.

  1. letter writing is an important part of our history

The legacy of hand written letters goes back millennia. Whenever you visit a history museum, you are more likely than not, come across a letter of great historic significance. Imagine if there were no hand-written letters, how oblivious we would have been in the past. According to the testimony of ancient historian Hellancicus, the first recorded hand-written letter was by Persian queen Atossaa��s daughter of Syrus around 500 BC. As mentioned earlier, millennia indeed.

a�?Historically, letters have existed from the time ofA�ancient India,A�ancient EgyptA�andA�Sumer, throughA�Rome,A�GreeceA�andA�China, up to the present day. During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, letters were used to self-educate. Letters were a way to practice critical reading, self-expressive writing, polemical writing and also exchange ideas with like-minded others.a�? – Wikipedia

We have lost a lot since the advent of electronic mail and stopped writing letters. You cana��t re-read a phone call. We should write letters on this letter writing day to remind people theya��re special. It may seem like an old school of thought, but I still believe therea��s room for hand-written note in personal and professional communication.

Holiday Inn ExpressA�champions smart and savvy travel and in celebration of a�?Letter Writing Daya�� A�encourages all of us to consider smarter ways of establishing strong relationships by simply dropping your colleagues,A�friends and family a note a�� literally a�� while on the go!

Walk the Talk. Write someone a letter today!

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